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Delivering 数字 at Scale
Making better decisions faster—connecting data, 人, and ideas to the latest digital technologies from project to enterprise
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Reshaping the way that business is conducted to do more with less, and better

Oil and gas has been a lagging adopter in the digital realm. 数字 adoption reduces the long and complex planning cycles inherent in the energy industry, and using AI-supported analyses drives performance, 改善决策能力.


How do we close the information divide across all industries without compromising security?

devices per second are being connected to the Internet for the first time. (资料来源:麦肯锡,2018年)
of organizations use AI in their workspaces. (来源:Gartner, 2019)
in average revenue growth and cost savings in companies that do a complete digital transformation. (来源:波士顿咨询公司,2022年)
探索 how digital enables our 十大彩票平台官网 solutions

Helping power the world in new ways

  • Artificial Intelligence 解决方案
    Artificial Intelligence 解决方案
    Empower your business to meet its greatest challenges with our scalable AI solutions

    Drive innovation, better decision making, and automation across your global enterprise with AI. 视图

  • 石油和天然气 Cloud 解决方案
    石油和天然气 Cloud 解决方案
    Unleash next-level technology—the power of the cloud harnessed across digital solutions for all oil and gas domains

    Cut planning time and increase efficiency with processes that can now be completed in days and hours. 视图

  • 石油和天然气 On-Premise 解决方案
    石油和天然气 On-Premise 解决方案
    计划. 发现. 开发. Excel. A comprehensive suite of digital solutions offering all you need for success.

    On-premise digital solutions for oil and gas workflows covering the entire exploration-to-production life cycle. 视图

  • Landscape image of mountain and valley with cement manufacturing facility (Tier 2_Places_ManufacturingFacility_Grenoble_OAT-DJI_0988)
    可持续性 and Carbon Management
    数字 technology and services for the shift toward a more sustainable energy future

    Together we can implement digital solutions to achieve emissions reduction goals and scale-up low-carbon energy production to accelerate the energy transition. 视图

  • 边缘智能和物联网
    Connect your edge devices to a single platform for AI-powered data analytics

    Make better decisions faster and improve performance with real-time insights from directly within your operations. 视图

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Transform oil and gas performance and drive decision making at speed.

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